Learn about the state-of-the-art gambling system we are building on the EOS Blockchain
(Whitepaper v2 coming soon!)
Our proof-of-concept games are the best on the Ethereum network
The Future of Decentralized Gambling
Play Now
Our proof-of-concept is live! Place your bets and bankroll us on the Ethereum mainnet.
Our gambling smart contracts are the best on the market, allow near-instant gameplay, and feature a super low house edge.
Bankroll us with your ETH and receive dividends in ETH. Withdraw at any time!
Play on EOS
We will be building the future of online gambling on EOS.io, the industrial scale blockchain.
Our smart casino will be the first of its kind: fully decentralized, trustless, and scalable to millions of users.
Play our Proof-of-Concept on the Ethereum Mainnet
Play up to 1024 rolls of dice with a single transaction and enjoy the speed of the first near-instant betting solution on the Ethereum blockchain.
Lowest house edge at only 0.5%. 2x better than Etheroll and 4x better than vDice.
All bettors will be airdropped free EOSBET tokens, so there’s no reason not to roll the dice right now!
Play the most popular betting game in the world. Our house edge is 1/4 the size of standard casinos.
Massive 5000x multiplier jackpot! Become a whale today!
Play up to 224 spins with a single transaction and enjoy near-instant slots action. Spin right now for only $0.50 and enjoy free EOSBET tokens from our airdop!
Be the house and grow your ETH! With a slim house edge, you are statistically guaranteed profits over time.
Cash out at any time!
All contributors will receive free EOSBET tokens from our airdrop, so there’s no reason not to invest in our bankroll, receive ETH dividends, and free tokens.
Play Later on EOS

The EOS blockchain architecture is the fastest, most powerful and most scalable in the world. We are the first gambling platform to utilize this infrastructure and plan to be one of the largest projects on the EOS blockchain.
Say goodbye to shady, rigged online casinos. We are proud to be the first fully decentralized smart casino and will always be provably fair and forever auditable.
With full decentralization comes permissionless gambling. Play anytime, anywhere, no sign-ups, no questions.
With the largest selection of the most popular casino games offered at no cost, we won’t just be the best casino on the blockchain, we’ll be the best casino online, period.

EOSBet Airdrop & ICO
100,000,000 EOSBET Airdrop!
10% of all EOSBET tokens will be airdropped to all EOS token holders, players of dice and slots, and bankroll contributors!
25,000,000 to EOS holders!
2.5% of all EOSBET tokens given proportionally to all EOS token holders.
25,000,000 to Bankroll Stakers!
2.5% of tokens given to EOSBET bankroll stakers in proportion to the amount of ETH contributed. You also will receive dividends on the ETH you have contributed to the bankroll. A real win-win!
20,000,000 to Dice Players!
2% of EOSBET tokens will be given to our dice players! If you play more games, you get more tokens! Start rolling and enjoy the lowest house edge on the blockchain!
20,000,000 to Slots Players!
2% of EOSBET tokens will be given to our slots players! You will get more tokens the more games that you play, so start spinning and hit our 5000x MEGA jackpot!
10  x  1,000,000 JACKPOTS!
10 jackpots of 1 MILLION EOSBET TOKENS will be distributed as follows:
 • 2 dice players to be selected at random
 • 2 slots players to be selected at random
 • 6 bankrollers to be selected at random. Contribute now to start receiving dividends on your ETH and for the chance to win 0.1% of total EOSBET token supply.
Initial Coin Offering
40% of all tokens will be sold in an Initial Coin Offering. By offering an ICO, in addition to an airdrop, everyone in the community has a chance to receive EOSBET tokens. We strongly believe that the best platforms have the widest token distributions, and we want everyone to have a chance to be part of revolutionizing the gambling industry.
Currently, our ICO is not open. Please check back in occasionally and stay in touch below. A technical white paper detailing the EOSBet platform and containing more information on the ICO and token dynamics will be released in the coming months. Don’t forget, our proof-of-concept games are live on the Ethereum network right now and if you bet or contribute to the bankroll you will receive EOSBET tokens in our airdrop!