Invest ETH in our Proof-of-Concept bankroll. This ETH will be used as capital to back our dice and slots games. You may cash out at any time and receive your ETH back, plus any casino profits!
Trustlessly Receive Dividends on your ETH
Anyone may contribute ETH to our bankroll at any time.
Investors may cash out ETH at any time, after a brief staking period.
Get Dividends
This will give you 80% of the profits of the casino.
A bigger bankroll means bigger bets for all players!
Your dividends will automatically reinvest into the bankroll. Compound interest!
Due to the constant (but small) house edge, a person that lends us their ETH long enough is highly statistically likely to profit.
Note, that there is ZERO guarantee of profit, we are merely stating a probabilistic fact.
Trustless & Safe
These deposits are completely trustless, we cannot touch your ETH!
Our smart contracts have been audited by multiple 3rd party professionals.
Note, that there is ALWAYS a risk while investing, and lucky gamblers & faulty smart contracts are a few of the risks you take while investing in our bankroll.
We are currently capped at ? ETH.
Users have deposited ? ETH.
Therefore, you may contribute up to ? ETH below, or by sending ETH to our contract at 0x4530368Db4803136eD84e72D050A54125EA026B5 with 200,000 gas.
You currently have ? EOSBet Stake Tokens deposited with us.
These are valued at ? ETH.
You may withdraw some, or all of your tokens below. Or you may withdraw all of your tokens by sending a 0 ETH transaction to our contract 0x4530368Db4803136eD84e72D050A54125EA026B5 with extra data 0x7a09588b and 200,000 gas.
Note, that there is 1% fee on withdrawals, as well as a 24 hour staking period. This is to discourage repeated depositing and withdrawing from the bankroll, because it throws off our "maximum allowed bet" calculations. If you are a bankroll staker, please email when you withdraw, with a transaction hash, and we will refund this 1% fee ASAP!
Please note that there is absolutely zero guarantee of profit or return on investment by using our smart contracts. We are not liable for any damages that may arise from use of our smart contracts, up to and including the loss of all ether or other digital assets deposited into the bankroll. We are not liable for any losses due to use of the dice, slots, and bankroll smart contracts. You must be 18 years of age or older, to use any of our smart contracts, and you must be legally allowed to do so. Please check with the authorities in your jurisdiction before interacting with any of our smart contracts if you are unsure of your nation's or state's legal requirements.
Please note that we are not personally running any code contained within these smart contracts. By submitting a transaction to the ethereum network, you are authorizing a miner to execute code contained within a smart contract, and you are accepting any outcome that may occur due to interacting with the previously mentioned smart contract. By signing a valid Ethereum transaction with your personally owned private key, you are entering into a one time contract with a miner to execute the transaction as signed. We are not liable for any malfunction or errors that result from your interaction with these smart contracts. You are not entering any agreement, express or implied, with us, the developers of this site, when you submit a transaction to the Ethereum network.
Please be aware that, once deployed to the Ethereum network, smart contracts act as a fully autonomous entity. Legal claims or other claims, of any sort, must be settled with the fully autonomous smart contract.